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Type 5-6 Disposable Protective Suit

Microporous laminated non-woven jumpsuit with elastic hood Disposable spray-proof biohazard protective coverall for use in EVD patient isolation units for infection prevention and control against viral penetration

Among the disposable coveralls, the most durable disposable coverall model is the Disposable Nonwoven Coverall 55-60 gr hooded coveralls. Disposable coveralls properties by Turkey standards; They are single-use overalls with flame-repellent and water-repellent properties. Dust-proof interlining overalls, particle-proof interlining overalls, light and soft structure with 80 cm zipper. Made of SMMS fabric, the white interlining jumpsuit is elastic at the waist, elastic on the arm and ankle. Polypropylene Nonwoven Disposable Interlining Overalls Apron, anti-allergic, non-sterile Interlining Overalls 55-60 gr. Air permeability, 75 cm leading zipper hooded. Comfortable and durable disposable overall with elasticated cuff and ankle Available in White and Blue color options

Elastic cuffs around the face and elastic hood around the ankles SMMS fabric – 60 grams It provides an extra barrier to the fabric, taped with a heat sealing seam. Protection against liquid chemicals Barrier against infective agents = A




Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pallet is 800 pieces.

Package Dimensions

Width: 35cm

Length: 41cm

Box Dimensions

Width: 60cm

Length: 40cm

Height: 50cm

Weight: 10 Kg

Number of products in the package: 50 pieces

Pallet Dimensions

Length: 120cm

Height: 215cm

Weight: 100 Kg

20 Boxes / Pallet


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