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Level 1 30/40gr SS Isolation Gown

  • Made of SMS fabric.
  • Arms are tied at the shoulder with ultrasonic sewing ensuring high quality.
  • It is liquid proof, resistant to abrasion and pressure.
  • Cotton rib cuffs are used in the cuffs.
  • Offers high comfort and comfortable working.
  • It is produced from S size to XXL size.
  • Provides EN13795 Standard and high performance values.
  • Standard, cost-effective and comfortable, this non-woven fabric consists of a single layer for essential infection control, only suitable for very low liquid permeability.
  • Balanced blend of protection and comfort Manufactured in a strong and breathable Spunbond / Meltblown / Spunbond (SMS) type. It is a multi-layer fabric consisting of inner layers of meltblown polypropylene between the outer surfaces, ideal for long-term use. Light / medium weight SMS is suitable for low amounts of liquid and heavy SMS, may be suitable for moderate contact with liquids.
  • Covered with a layer of soft, spun polypropylene polyethylene (plastic) film.
  • Single layer of Polyethylene (plastic) film provides protection at an affordable cost.
  • It can be used in places with minimal risk, for example during basic care, during standard isolation, as a gown for visitors or as a standard medical item.


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pallet is 800 pieces.

Package Dimensions

Width: 35cm

Length: 41cm

Box Dimensions

Width: 60cm

Length: 40cm

Height: 50cm

Weight: 8.6 Kg

Number of products in the package: 100 pieces

Pallet Dimensions

Length: 120cm

Height: 215cm

Weight: 190Kg

20 Boxes / Pallet

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